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 China SolidCrane Equipment Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2022, is  professisonal in design and development of tower crane. Products powered by technological innovation, satety and reliability as the basis,  environmental protection and energy saving are featured, to meet the diverse needs of users for the purpose of the company.

 Our teams have more than 20 years of tower crane design and manufacturing experience. We successfully founded the  "CSC" and "SANJ" trademark tower crane brand in the international construction machinery industry.

 SolidCrane Company's products include Topkit Series (SCT), Topless Series (SCP), Luffing Series (SCD), Roof Series (SCR) and others construction cranes.

 At present, our products are widely used in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries, as well as the Middle East and South America. With the continuous  innovation and upgrading of products and the product series increasing, SolidCrane Technology will launch a new generation of  "SOLIDCRANE" brand tower crane to be supplied for more users.

 Adhering to the concept of "The journey may be long, but the walker will arrive. The task may be difficult, but the doer will succeed", China SolidCrane Company will keep innovating, to create higher value for all the users who trust us, and to provide safer, stronger and more intelligent tower cranes.

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